Relative Clauses


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Relative Clauses
  1. Defining Relative Clauses
    1. Give detailed information defining a general term or expression.
      1. Are not put in commas.
        1. Example: I like people who are funny
        2. Relative Adverbs
          1. Who
            1. Refer to people
              1. Example: I'm looking for a secretary who can use a computer well
            2. Which
              1. Refer to objects
                1. Example: We bought a house which is 200 years old
              2. That
                1. Refer to people, animals and things in defining relative clauses
                  1. Example: The people that live on the island are very friendly
                2. Whose
                  1. Refers to possession
                    1. Example: That girl whose parents were merried a year ago
                  2. When
                    1. Refers to a moment in time
                      1. Example: Can you tell me when is the best time to call?
                    2. Where
                      1. Refers to a particular place
                        1. Example: The school where we studied is of good quality
                    3. Non-Defining Relative Clauses
                      1. Give additional information on something, but do not define it.
                        1. Are put in commas
                          1. Example: Isabel, who is very funny, yesterday made a party.
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