The Brain


Vaciando tu cerebro ¿Cuanto te daña el alcohol?
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The Brain
  1. Most important organ in the body
    1. Weighs 3 Lbs
      1. 150 Billion Neurons
        1. ¿¿How it works healthy??
          1. Neurons
            1. 1 message is sent
              1. Dendrites are receptors (Mail boxes)
                1. When recieved message , sends it to...
                  1. Soma
                    1. Uses the electricity to read message , and then sends it to..
                      1. Axon (Telephone line) takes it to..
                        1. Synapse (place for message to travel between neurons)
                          1. Neurotransmitter (Key to receptor)
                            1. Delivers the message to next neuron until needed
              2. Make their own electrcity and send eachother messages
            2. Functions
              1. Think, move, feel, hear, taste, smell
                1. Analyze information and storage
                  1. Learn and process info
                2. If Damaged??
                  1. Large impact on our - intelligence - being sucessfull - Happyness
                    1. ALCOHOL
                      1. Its our choice
                        1. If you don´t drink = You don´t drain your brain!!!
                        2. Brain Damage
                          1. Affects more to people under age 21
                            1. Still is developing and growing
                          2. How Brain works with Alcohol???
                            1. Alcohol Becomes "Neurotransmitter wanna-be"
                              1. Like a computer Hacker
                                1. It damages the Dendrites ( Mail boxes)
                            2. Dr Susan F. Tappert University of California
                              1. Study of different drugs affecting Brain
                                1. Teen age people get MRI while doing memory activities
                                  1. Healthy ones = remeber
                                    1. Drunk Brain Teen people does not remember as well
                                  2. Says " Give yourself the best shot, by protecting your brain"
                                  3. Dr Aaron White Duke University
                                    1. Works with teen age RATS!!
                                      1. Experiments with healthy one to survive and one drink one
                                        1. Result = Healthy ones has much more chances of surviving than the drunk one.
                                      2. Dreams and Possibilities in life, come down to activity in the BRAIN
                                        1. people should know facts and risks
                                  4. Areas
                                    1. Brain Stream
                                      1. Breathing, Heart rate, eating, sleep..
                                      2. Cerebellum
                                        1. Limbic System
                                          1. Amigdala & Hippocampus
                                            1. Diencephalon &Hypotalamus
                                              1. Cerebral Cortex
                                                1. Its the part that separates us form other animlas
                                                  1. 2/3 of our Brain
                                                    1. It´s where we think, produce language, hear, see, Know stuff, understand
                                                  2. Conclusion
                                                    1. Appreciate it = you only have 1
                                                      1. Using Alcohol and Drugs
                                                        1. Will damage your Brain in ways like ...
                                                          1. getting a job
                                                            1. sports
                                                              1. learning
                                                                1. How happy and succesful you will grow
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