The Legislative Process in Colombia


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The Legislative Process in Colombia
    1. The Initiative
      1. Any legislation can be initiated by
        1. the Executive Power
          1. ministers
          2. the members of the congress
            1. the 15%of councilors
              1. the 5 % of the registered voters for a popular petition
              2. the Functions may be initiated by
                1. The Constitutional Court
                  1. the Supreme Court
                    1. The Council of State
                      1. The Superior Judicial Council
                        1. The National Electoral Council
                          1. The Prosecutor General
                            1. The Attorney General
                              1. The Comptroller General
                                1. The Defender of the People
                            2. SECOND STEP
                              1. The Debate
                                1. 2. the bill is submitted to
                                  1. the office of the secretary general of either chamber
                                    1. to members of either chamber meeting in
                                      1. Plenary session
                                    2. 1. a number is assigned to the bill
                                      1. the bill passes to a
                                        1. technical
                                          1. analysis
                                          2. material
                                            1. formal
                                              1. analysis
                                                1. by
                                                  1. a standing committee of the chamber where the bill was introduced
                                                    1. Each chamber has 7 standing committees in different fields:
                                                      1. internal affairs
                                                        1. foreign affairs
                                                          1. finance
                                                            1. agriculture and environment
                                                              1. communications
                                                                1. labor
                                                                  1. education and culture
                                                                  2. the Members of the committee in charge of the bill will make
                                                                    1. Report
                                                                      1. Also published in the Congressional Gazette
                                                                      2. They DEBATE about it
                                                                        1. 5. the bill will be sent for discussion in a Plenary Session
                                                                          1. the chamber may decide to send the bill back to the committee if there is modifications to do
                                                            2. 3. Bills are distributed among the committees according to the subject matter
                                                              1. 4. the bill is published in
                                                                1. The Congressional Gazette
                                                            3. THIRD STEP
                                                              1. Voting
                                                                1. After the chamber debates about the bill, the members vote
                                                                  1. if the bill is approved by one chamber
                                                                    1. it will has the same process by the other chamber
                                                              2. FOURTH STEP
                                                                1. The Sanction
                                                                  1. The PRESIDENT has a number of days to
                                                                    1. sanction
                                                                      1. promulgate
                                                                        1. any bill approved
                                                                        2. propose amendments
                                                                          1. ask for a reconsideration of any of its provision
                                                                            1. the PRESIDENT can do objections
                                                                              1. if both chambers by simple majority votes
                                                                                1. override the president's objections
                                                                                  1. the bill becomes a law
                                                                                2. if the objection is based upon an UNCONSTITUTIONALITY
                                                                                  1. the congress' request
                                                                                    1. The Constitutional Court has 6 days to make a ruling
                                                                                      1. if the court rejects the president's charge
                                                                                        1. the law is enacted
                                                                          2. FIFTH STEP
                                                                            1. The Publication
                                                                              1. it will be made at the Official Journal
                                                                                1. with the enforcement order by the National Executive
                                                                                2. the law becomes mandatory as of the date of its publication in the Diario Oficial
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