unit 6


Key Stage 3 science Mind Map on unit 6, created by Alvaro Requejo Cabaezas on 03/31/2014.
Alvaro Requejo Cabaezas
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Alvaro Requejo Cabaezas
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unit 6
  1. energy
    1. solar energy (comes from Sun)
      1. Wind energy (comes from wind)
        1. hydropower energy (comes from moving water)
        2. Non-renewable sources of energy
          1. it is going to disappear
            1. it is bad for the environment
              1. you can use this energy once
              2. renewable energy sources
                1. you can use them again and again
                  1. they are good the environment
                  2. What happens white hight when it passes through a prism
                    1. the prism separate the colours
                    2. a banana looks yellow because it absorbs all colours except yellow
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