The King of complainers Clive Zietman


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The King of complainers Clive Zietman
  1. How to complain successfully
    1. TIP 3
      1. Write to the company's marketing director
      2. TIP 1
        1. Never shout and swear
        2. TIP 4
          1. If your complaint is serious enough, make it clear.
          2. TIP 6
            1. Use phrases like
              1. I can only imagine this is an unusual departure from your usual high standards
            2. TIP 2
              1. Don't send emails, or standard, pirinted
              2. TIP 5
                1. Don't say exactly what you expect to receive
                1. He has written over 5.000 letters of complaint.
                  1. second time
                    1. Volkswagen Golf GTI in 24 hours
                    2. First time
                      1. Some free packages of cookies
                      2. He loves complaining properly and in writing
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