Organizational Behaviour


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Organizational Behaviour
  1. OB: Is the study of human behaviour, in organizational settings.
    1. organizational citizenship
      1. The behaviour of individuals that makes a positive overall contribution to the organization.
        1. Interactionalism: individuals and situations interact to determine individuals behaviour
      2. OB helps companies perform well
        1. To have an effective and efficient attainment of organization goals
          1. Organize: to group into units / divide
            1. Planing: process of determining an organizations desire future position.
              1. Leading: process of leading the organization to work together.
                1. Leading: leadership (motivate your workers)
            2. The success of an organization is determined by how effectively managers boost the performance behaviours of the employees.
              1. Hawthorne Effect: when people get assessed, they will improve their behaviour
                1. Positive effect of receiving instructions
                2. Frederick Winslow Taylor
                  1. said that managers should study the jobs of the workers and break these jobs into smaller tasks.
                    1. Business Strategies
                      1. cost leadership: lowest cost production
                        1. operational excellence: maximizing the efficiency
                          1. customer intimacy: delivering unique and customizable products
                            1. growth: company expansion
                              1. differentiation: innovating
                                1. Specialization: focusing on a narrow market segment
                            2. The scientific method is a useful approach to learn more about the organizational behaviour.
                              1. Human Relations movement: view organizations as cooperative systems and values workers feelings and values as important parts of organizational performance.
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