Comparative and Superlative of Adverbs


Exemplos e aplicações de comparações e superlativo de advérbios em inglês
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Comparative and Superlative of Adverbs
  1. Fast
    1. The subway is faster than car.
      1. We can get there faster by train than by car
        1. Traffic moves less fast than usual at rush hour.
          1. negative
          2. The express train will get us there the fastest.
            1. superlative
            2. one syllables
            3. slowly
              1. The traffic is more slowly than go on foot.
                1. To ride a bike is less slowly than to run.
                  1. The turtle is the most slowly animal.
                    1. superlative
                    2. ending -ly
                    3. difficult
                      1. Learn to play violine is more difficult than learn to sing.
                        1. It's the most difficult work who I did.
                          1. superlative
                          2. two or more syllables
                          3. badly
                            1. I drive worse than you,
                              1. but he drives the worst.
                                1. superlative
                                2. other irregular adverbs
                                  1. well
                                    1. better
                                      1. the best
                                    2. little
                                      1. less
                                        1. the least
                                          1. The bus is the least difficult way to go.
                                            1. superlative negative
                                      2. far
                                        1. farther/further
                                          1. the farthest/ the furthest
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