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  1. is a visual programming
    1. development environment based on flowcharts
      1. A flowchart is a collection of connected graphic symbols
        1. each symbol represents a instruction to be exectuded
    2. reasons for use it
      1. The RAPTOR development environment minimizes the amount of syntax you must learn to write correct program instructions.
        1. The RAPTOR development environment is visual. RAPTOR programs are diagrams (directed graphs) that can be executed one symbol at a time. This will help you follow the flow of instruction execution in RAPTOR programs.
          1. RAPTOR is designed for ease of use. (You might have to take our word for this, but other programming development environments are extremely complex.)
            1. RAPTOR error messages are designed to be more readily understandable by beginning programmers.
              1. Our goal is to teach you how to design and execute algorithms. These objectives do not require a heavy-weight commercial programming language such as C++ or Java.
              2. structure
                1. start
                  1. end
                    1. assignment
                      1. call
                        1. input
                          1. output
                            1. selection
                              1. loop
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