CPE Proficiency - Cambridge English Mind Map on come, created by Meiry Costa on 06/11/2014.
Meiry Costa
Mind Map by Meiry Costa, updated more than 1 year ago
Meiry Costa
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  1. in for sth = be exposed to sth unpleasant
    1. down (heavily) on sb = criticize or punish harshly
      1. out with sth = say sth surprising
        1. up with sth = produce an idea
          1. to the point = avoid details and say what's important
            1. round
              1. round to = change your mind
                1. round = regain consciousness
                  1. round = happen
                    1. round = visit
                    2. down with sth = catch an illness
                      1. to terms with sth = accept a situation as it is
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