Cleopatra´s family

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Created by megananas over 5 years ago
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Cleopatra´s family
1 Ptolemy XII Auletes
1.1 married Cleopatra V (she may have died during childbirth)
1.2 had six children
1.3 depended on Rome to keep his throne
1.4 bribed Caesar an Pompey with 6000 talents and bribed Gabinus with 10000 talents
1.5 began his reign in 80BC
1.6 died in 51 BC
1.7 exiled in 55-55 BC
1.8 name means flute player
1.9 was weak and self-indulgent
2 Berenice IV
2.1 overthrew her father in 58 BC
2.2 was executed by her father in 55 BC
3 Arisone
3.1 during the civil war, she declared herself pharaoh of egypt
3.2 she was captured and paraded in a triumph by Caesar
3.3 she was murdered by cleopatra
4 Ptolemy XIII
4.1 co-ruled with cleopatra in 51 BC
4.2 supported the eunuch pothinus
4.3 tried to overthrow Cleopatra in 48 BC
4.4 drowned in the Nile on 13th of January 47 BC
4.5 murdered Pompey the Great to win Caesar´s favour, this failed
5 Ptolemy XIV
5.1 married Cleopatra in 47BC
5.2 reigned in name only
5.3 Cleopatra had him murdered in 44BC
6 Ptolemy XV Caesarion
6.1 name means little Caesar
6.2 Co-ruled with Cleopatra when he was three years old
6.3 was in rome when Caesar was murdered
6.4 born on 23rd of june 47 BC
6.5 executed on 12th of august 30 BC by Octavian
6.6 in 43 BC Cornelius Dolabella recognises the boy-king on behalf of the senate
6.7 after 37 BC he is no longer mentioned in official documents, probably because Cleopatra wants to continue her dynasty through the children of Mark Antony
6.8 in 34 BC he is adopted by Mark Antony

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