The Battle of Actium

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The Battle of Actium
1 1. the second triumvirate ends in 33 BC
2 2. Octavian provokes the senate into declaring war on Cleopatra, not Antony
3 3. Antony orders his army to assemble and meet him in Ephesus. Antony and Cleopatra go to ephesus
4 4. at Ephesus Antony has 800 ships, 200 of which are provided for by Cleopatra. these are big heavy boats that don't move quickly . Cleopatra also gives him money and supplies
5 5. Antony tries to persuade Cleopatra to go back to Egypt but she refuses
6 6. Antony and Cleopatra take the army and navy to Samos. there had feasts and entertainment. they were joined by many client kings from the east
7 7. Antony and Cleopatra then travel to athens for more entertainment. Cleopatra tries to win the affections of the athenians by giving them gifts
8 8. Cleopatra insults two of her guards and they switch sides to Octavian. Antony should have attacked Octavian at this point but he didn't. Plutarch says this is his greatest mistake
9 9.Antony divorces Octavia. Octavian uses this to further prove that Antony is no longer a "lover of rome". Octavian tells his army that they are fighting against foreigners. Antony, on the other hand, lost many of his Roman soldiers because they didn't want to fight other Romans
10 10. Octavian assembled his army. He had 250 war ships, 80000 infantry and 12000 cavalry. He also controlled half of the Mediterranean Sea
11 11. instead of attacking Italy (which would of been the sensible thing to do ), Antony decided to wait at Actium for Octavian to attack him. Antony did not want to be seen as the man who attacked Rome
12 12.Agrippa attacks and captures areas around Actium. This cuts off Antony's supplies and place him at a weak position
13 13. Cleopatra suggests that Antony attacks Octavian at sea. Conidus suggests a land battle. Antony follows Cleopatra's advice even though his army is under manned and poorly equipped. Octavian's navy, however, is very good
14 14. even more of Antony's soldiers and some of his client kings switched sides to Octavian
15 15. Agrippa continues to attack and capture areas controlled by Antony. hHe managed to defeat Antony's navy twice
16 16. the battle happened on 2nd september 31 BC. Antony's fleet were surrounded by Octavians. Cleopatra decided to flee back to Egypt. Antony followed her
17 17. Despite Antony's desertion, his soldiers tough bravely for may hours. Octavian used Caesars trick of promising forgiveness to Roman soldiers if they stop fighting and eventually they did
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