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Jammy Git
Created by Jammy Git over 6 years ago
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1 Definition
1.1 A stakeholder is anyone who as an interest in the activities of a business organisation. Usually this is because they are some way affected by them
2 Owners
2.1 Invested Money into the business
2.2 Possible the people who set up the business
2.3 Choose what to do with the profit earned by the business
2.3.1 Re-invest
2.3.2 Keep it for themselves
2.4 They want the business to be successful
2.4.1 Usually means making a large profit
3 Employees (includding managers)
3.1 Managers
3.1.1 Run the business as the owners and directors want
3.2 Employees
3.2.1 Don't want to worry about losing their jobs
3.2.2 High Income
3.2.3 Want to work in a safe and pleasant environment
4 Customers
4.1 High Quality Goods
4.1.1 Pay as little as possible
4.1.2 Good Value for money

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