input and output devices

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Created by megan.hurst over 6 years ago
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input and output devices
1 memory cards.
1.1 store large files.
1.2 only can have data written on them
2 magnetic tape, works similar to a hard disk
3 Hard disk - data can be held, and also moved.
4 speakers - display sound such as music files.
5 Thermal printer - heated so the paper turns black.
6 Laser printer - images are printed quickly.
7 inkjet printer - creates black and white prints.
8 data projector - takes a video signal amd projects it into a surface.
9 Computer monitor - visual display of informatiomn created by the computer
10 voice regonition - changes spoken language into text.
11 Microphone - captures sound and convents into eletrical signals of digital microphones.
12 digital camera - creates a digital image
13 joystick - stick inside a bass unit.
14 keyboard - enter text
15 mice - controls on what you click on
16 touch screen devices - a keyboard on a computer screen.
17 remote storage - storing back up data
17.1 could get stolen
17.2 could get lost
18 DVD - store high quality notes

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