Government of India Act 1935

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Government of India Act 1935
1 Overview
1.1 3 main principles
1.1.1 Provincial autonomy
1.1.2 Eventual Federation at national level
1.1.3 Safeguards given to British govt
1.2 Most complicated legislation ever passed
1.2.1 450 clauses 4000 pages of discussion
2 Provisions
2.1 Expand electorate to 35 million
2.1.1 Still only 10% of population
2.2 Abolish dyarchy
2.2.1 'reserved' powers given to provincial govts
2.3 Create full provincial govts
2.3.1 Consisting of legislative + executive councils
2.4 Viceroy keeps power of defence and foreign affairs
2.5 Section 93
2.5.1 British take back full control of India in states of emergency
3 Reaction
3.1 Congress - split reaction
3.1.1 Some rejected the reforms on principle wanted purna swaraj
3.1.2 Some wanted to grasp short term political gains
3.2 Indians in general
3.2.1 Saw it as too little too late Because it took so long to pass, it suited the old Indian demands
3.3 British
3.3.1 Right wing Saw it as too much, Indian people should not be given this much power Noone happy
3.3.2 Left Wing Saw it as too little - should give more
4 Federation and the Princes
4.1 Act designed to make India federal (like USA)
4.1.1 This plan included the princely states Brits believed they could water down Congress ideas by including princes in federation plan - princes traditionally loyal to Brits The plan was to give special concessions to princes - could choose own council reps Princes refused to sign - worried about losing personal wealth and armies Federation abandoned in 1939 - outbreak of WWII, Brits have more important things to concentrate on

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