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1 Women and the Criminal Justice System
1.1 Gender and Crime
1.1.1 Women commit less crime than men
1.1.2 Women more likely to be convicted of theft
1.1.3 1/3 women are less likely to be jailed than men in similar cases (Roger Hood)
1.2 Criminal Justice System is bias against women
1.2.1 Women more likely to be judged by being bad mother (feminism)
1.3 Women as victims of crime
1.3.1 201 women were victim of homicide (2010/11)
1.3.2 Higher proportion of women reported being victim of intimated violence
1.4 women as suspects
1.4.1 13% decreased in female arrests
1.4.2 34% of females & 31% males arrested for violence against a person.
1.5 Women as defendants
1.5.1 2011 24% females & 76% males were convicted
1.5.2 77% women - 61% males received fines
1.6 Issues
1.6.1 Violence against women, 1 in 4 females experience violence at any time in their life
1.6.2 Gender inequality
1.6.3 VAW costs around £40 billion a year
1.7 Endeavours
1.7.1 Good strategies to stop violence against women
1.7.2 Legal aid
1.7.3 Changing attitudes toward rape
2 Statistics on Race and The Criminal Justice System
2.1 2010/11 BCS risk of being victim of crime was higher for adults form mixed background
2.2 2006/07-2010/11 0.8% of white group were at risk of being victim of crime
2.3 Suspect
2.3.1 Arrests for Black and Asian groups increased
2.3.2 Black persons were stopped and search 7 timemore than white people.
2.4 Defendants
2.4.1 Different in the sanctions issued based on ethnicity
2.4.2 Convictions Indictable Offences higher for white people than those of Black or Asian background
2.5 Offenders
2.5.1 In 2010 88% self inflicted death involved white ethnicity
2.5.2 June 2010. Under 26% prisoners are from BME
3 Society Rules and Morals
3.1 Law and Morality
3.1.1 Courts, Society Shaw v DPP - HL & Knuller v DPP Sexual explotation Conspiracy to publish magazinegs-advert by prostitues Appeal to The House of Lords against conviction was dismised
3.1.2 Society forces you to do things Treat of prison Absent of good reason, victim consent is not a defense to a charge under the Offences Against a Person 1861. Personal to individuals Homosexuality discriminalised 1967
3.1.3 Legal and Moral Wrongs Moral Telling lies Acting dishonestly Legal Some circumstances, dishonesty Theft Act 1968
3.1.4 Normative Rules What a person should do, should refrain from doing Honor thy father & mother Do not bear false witnesess Rescue a drowing child
3.1.5 Positive Rules Legal obligation to do refrain from doing. Do not kill. Murder- Common law offence Do not park in double yellow lines. Local byte laws Do not steal. Theft Act 1968
3.1.6 Paternalism. Need to prevent inflicted harm Over-protective-Helmet law refuse to wear safety devices, is paternalism justified? Freedom- Well being of society Unable to make choice-Alzheimer's, children
3.1.7 Liberalism. Individual freedom Mill: The only time the law can be applied to prevent an act; is to prevent harm to others Adultery, suicide
4 Introduction to Criminology
4.1 Crime is any behaviour which contravenes the law.
4.1.1 Murder, Theft, Rape
4.1.2 Crime defines social norms The media's influence Stereotypes Distortion of information Sex, Violence & Money
4.2 Criminology; the study of crime
4.2.1 Intents to solve the motives behind a crime. Measure crime Analyses causes Understand how to apply the law Prevent crime
4.3 Definers of crime
4.3.1 Courts Interpret the law and apply it
4.3.2 Police Maintain law & order
4.3.3 Home Office Immigration, drugs, terrorism
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