Medicines from Nature


A- Level Disease OCR Mind Map on Medicines from Nature, created by Antonia Blankenberg on 09/01/2017.
Antonia Blankenberg
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Antonia Blankenberg
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Medicines from Nature
  1. Salicin
    1. Bark of white willow
      1. Pain relief
        1. Temperate river banks and wetlands
        2. Caffeine
          1. Tea, coffee, coca
            1. Tropical and sub-tropical conditions
              1. Stimulant for central nervous system
              2. Quinine
                1. Dried bark of cinchonas tree
                  1. Humid conditions
                    1. Malaria
                    2. Colchicine
                      1. Autumn Crocus
                        1. Moist temperate conditions
                          1. Cancer and gout
                          2. Nicotine
                            1. Tobacco plant
                              1. Warm and wet conditions
                                1. Wounds, Alzheimer's, depression
                                2. Morphine
                                  1. Dried latex from the opium poppy
                                    1. Humid conditions
                                      1. Pain relief
                                      2. Artemisinin
                                        1. Malaria
                                          1. Temperate Conditions
                                            1. Artemesia plant leaves
                                            2. Digitalis
                                              1. Foxglove
                                                1. Temperate conditions
                                                  1. Heart Failure
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