Outbreak of WWII

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Outbreak of WWII
1 Linlithgow announcement
1.1 "Confronted with the demand that she should accept the dictation of a foreign power in relation to her subject, India has decided to stand firm"
1.1.1 Seen as hypocritical He stated that India will fight against a foreign power, (Germany) but the Brits themselves were a foreign power
1.1.2 Caused Anger No consultation/discussion with Indians doesn't ask the people, just states they will fight People annoyed by lack of input from Indian people
2 Reaction
2.1 Gandhi
2.1.1 Suggested that Brits should use ahimsa against Hitler Also suggested that he goes to talk to Hitler Try to prevent a war by trying to get him to realise his wrongdoing Shows Gandhi is an idealist who will never drop his principles
2.2 Nehru
2.2.1 Nehru + Congress members were more than willing to fight against fascism and racism Were on board with the British Until the declaration of war Where Congress protest by getting all Congress ministers to resign from their provincial govts Muslim League reps take their place
3 Stats
3.1 2 million approx Indians sign up to fight
3.1.1 with no conscription of drafting double the amount that volunteered for previous war
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