English II

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English II
  1. My home, Site pages, My profile, Current course, Participants, Badges
    1. Starting information= How to navigate in the classroom, Course agenda, Course presentation, Duties and rights, Course News
      1. Collaborative learning environment= assessment by Webconference = Synchronous support by Skype, In situ accompaniment, Unit 1 - Giving advice - Act. 1. Recognition task, Activity guide_Unit 1_Act.1 Recognition task fórum, Activity guide_Unit 2_Getting a job!_Act.3_Writing, Activity guide_Unit 1_Giving advice_Act.5_Speaking.
        1. Knowledge environment= Course syllabus English Level II, Unit 1 - Giving advice, Unit 1.1. Fasten your seat belt, Unit 1.2. You should keep your passport!, Unit 1.3. What's the weather like?, Unit 1.4. Going on a trip, Unit 1.5. What did you do last weekend?, Unit 2 - Getting a job!, Unit 2.1. Summer Jobs, Unit 2.2. Job interview, Unit 2.3. At the supermarket, Unit 2.4. At the restaurant, Unit 2.5. What's on the news?, Glossary
          1. Practice learning environment= Guide for the use of educational resources , Practice Link
            1. Monitoring and evaluation environment = Unit 1 - Act. 1. Recognition task fórum, Quiz Unit 1 - Act. 2. Pre-knowledge task, Book Files - Unit 1 - Act. 2. Pre-knowledge task, Assignment Unit 2 - Act. 3. Writing task fórum, Quiz Unit 1 - Act. 4.Unit 1 - Task: Giving advice, Unit 1 - Act. 5. Speaking task, Quiz Unit 2 - Act. 6 - Unit 2 - Task: Getting a job!, Quiz Units 1-2 - Act. 7. Task: General course review, Quiz Units 1-2 - Act. 8 - Task: Oral and written production review , Quiz Units 1 and 2 - Act. 9. Final Evaluation.
              1. Student´s Management environment: Academic news, Laboratory scheduling, Programs and tuitions, Saber Pro – ICFES, Investigation management system, Students network, Unique application format – UAF (FUS), Registration and Tuition, Virtual campus authentication process, Student services, UNAD Services, User care system – UCS (SAU),National registration and academic control system,
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