'The Penelopes of my homeland'

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A-Level English Mind Map on 'The Penelopes of my homeland', created by cameronporter96 on 05/22/2013.

Created by cameronporter96 over 6 years ago
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'The Penelopes of my homeland'
1 Distances - separate things
2 'of my homeland'
2.1 Personal connection throughout
3 'silent labour'
3.1 Lonlyness
4 'wove their own and their children's shrouds'
4.1 Joyless, preparing for death
4.2 Contrast, unnatural about weaving own and children's shrouds
5 'that their colourful future was all in the past'
5.1 Contrast - poetic and fanciful
6 'hopes raised by palm-readers'
6.1 Visiting fortune tellers
7 'and to the just God//who does not allow such nightmares to continue'
7.1 Nightmares = killing of all the people
7.2 Changing onto a religion
7.2.1 Deluding themselves
8 'Years and years of raising more Penelopes'
8.1 Bringing up another generation just wastes their lives
9 Language
9.1 Repetition
9.1.1 'waiting', 'without'
9.2 Contrast
9.2.1 'colourful future'
9.3 Alliteration
9.3.1 Hard sounds, harsh reality
9.3.2 'their dream was dead the day it was dreamt'
9.4 Monosyllabic
9.4.1 Abrupt reality
9.5 Personal pronoun
9.5.1 'my'
10 Themes
10.1 Wasting their lives
10.2 Living in a fantasy world
11 Stucture
11.1 6 stanzas
11.1.1 First 2 - working
11.1.2 Middle 2 - growing
11.1.3 Last 2 - dying
12 Messages
12.1 Don't waste your life living for something that could never happen

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