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a mind map about tesla
Cohan Paterson
Mind Map by Cohan Paterson, updated more than 1 year ago
Cohan Paterson
Created by Cohan Paterson almost 5 years ago

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  1. makes self driving cars
    1. cars that don't need a driver
      1. car can detect objects and avoid them
        1. has many sensors and cameras
        2. car can sense a crash before it happens and avoid it
        3. based in California
          1. America
            1. Palo Alto
              1. an American automotive company
              2. energy storage company
                1. makes batteries
                  1. for cars and foundations
                  2. makes solar panels
                    1. and devices that save some solar power for night time
                  3. makes electric cars
                    1. cars that don't need fuel
                      1. no pollution
                      2. entirely electric
                        1. no cost of fuel
                        2. no cost of emisions
                        3. created by Elon Musk
                          1. founded in july 2003
                            1. founded by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, JB Struabel, Ian Wright, Mark Tarpenning
                              1. CEO of company is Elon Musk
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                              Julien Aitken
                              SA/Tesla Deal
                              Oscar Hurst
                              Elon Musk
                              Eoin Moore
                              SA/Tesla Contract
                              Ashtyn Springall
                              SA/TESLA DEAL
                              Chailyn Macfarlane
                              Electric current
                              Ksenia Afonina
                              Varun Jain
                              Jacob pro
                              Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells
                              Anushka John
                              SA/Tesla Deal
                              Daniel Schainen