"Life is too easy for young people today"

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English Mind Map on "Life is too easy for young people today", created by ameliathompson1 on 06/29/2014.

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"Life is too easy for young people today"
1 Exams
1.1 Paranoid
1.2 Stress
1.3 Overbearing
1.4 Have to pass 11+ exams
1.5 Pressure from family to succeed
2 Family
2.1 Divorce
2.2 Death
2.3 Affairs
2.4 Abuse
3 No money
3.1 Recession (worst in 50 years)
3.2 Jobs are scarce
3.3 Harder to find work
3.4 Difficult start in life
4 Body image
4.1 Magazines
4.2 Models
4.3 Celebrites
4.4 Plastic Surgery
4.5 Judgemental society
5 Bullying
5.1 High suicide rates
5.2 Cyberbullying
5.3 Depression
6 Stress
7 Pressure
8 Health and safety
9 Society is stricter
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