Health Promotion

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Caroline Oxford
Created by Caroline Oxford over 6 years ago
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Health Promotion
1 Health promotion is the process of enabling individuals and their communities to increase control over the determinants of their health (who1984)
1.1 it entails making the healthier choice, the easier choice
2 Health promotion factors
2.1 Determinants
2.1.1 Avoid victim blaming approach social and economic factors important
2.1.2 Oral health determinants Plaque smoking/alcohol Cancers stress access to dentists Access to fluorid
2.2 Multisectoral working
2.2.1 Dentist-Limited influence on health
2.2.2 Work with other health pro
2.2.3 Link with other health promotions
2.2.4 Need to collaborate with transport, social, housing, food manufacturers, education services
2.3 Community Participation
2.3.1 Active envolvment of communiy
2.3.2 Empower individuals to control their health
2.4 Population Approach
2.4.1 Individual change is easier with population shifts Try to introduce social norms Link the general health policies Smoking Diet Excersice
2.5 Range of stratagies
2.5.1 Health education
2.5.2 Legislation (no smoking in public places)
2.5.3 Community development(no soft drinks in school)
3 The Ottawa Charter (1986)
3.1 5 Key strategies
3.1.1 Building healthy public policy A rule to guide decisions and achieve national outcomes A National food policy (healthy foods) National policy on baby bottles Bottle caries/night feeding/sweetened milk National policy on Fluoride (toothpastes/Fluoridation) A dental development policy
3.1.2 Creating supportive enviroments Shops and their products attitudes to breastfeeding
3.1.3 Strengthen community actions Networking on common issues Lay members on planning committies
3.1.4 Develop coping skills increase self confidence Oral self examination Being a role model
3.1.5 Re-Orienting health services Reach disadvantaged groups Focus on prevention Teamworking/networking

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