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Biology B1.1 - Genes
1 Features of a kingdom
1.1 Animalia
1.1.1 Multicelluar
1.1.2 No cell wall+ No chlorophyll
1.1.3 Includes: jellyfish,worms,arthropods.
1.1.4 Includes mammals,fish,reptiles,birds and amphibians
1.1.5 Heterotrophic
1.2 Plantae
1.2.1 Multicelluar
1.2.2 Has cell wall and chlorophyll
1.2.3 Autotrophic feeders Feeders
1.2.4 Includes; all green plants
1.2.5 Algae, ferns and mosses.
1.3 Fungi
1.3.1 Multicelluar
1.3.2 Has cell walls but no chlorophyll
1.3.3 Saprophytic feeders
1.3.4 Mould and yeast
1.4 Protoctista
1.4.1 usually unicelluar
1.4.2 with a nucleus eg amoeba
1.4.3 Includes: amoeba and paramecium
1.5 Prokaryotes
1.5.1 Unicelluar
1.5.2 No nucleus. Eg: bacteria
1.5.3 Includes bacteria and blue-green algae
2 Adaptions
2.1 Cold climates
2.1.1 Polar bear White appearance Thick layer of fat Greasy coat
2.2 Features or characteristics that allow a certain organism to live successully in its habitat
2.3 Hot climates
2.3.1 Pompeii worms Using a thick layer of bacteria to protect it Hiding inside papery tube
3 Feeders
3.1 Autotrophic =
3.2 Heterotrophic =
3.3 Saprophytic =

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