Woyzeck Key Quotes:


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Woyzeck Key Quotes:
    1. 'Man is free Woyzeck. Man is the ultimate expression of the individual urge to freedom' - Doctor to Woyzeck -Scene 6
      1. 'A Revolutions taking place in science, I'm blowing the whole thing sky high.' Doctor to Woyzeck - Scene 6.
      2. CAPTAIN
        1. 'You always look so wrought! A good citizen doesn't look like that Woyzeck, not a good citizen with a clear conscience.' Captain to Woyzeck- Scene 5
          1. 'You're not a virtuous man! Flesh and blood!?' Captain to Woyzeck - Scene 5
          2. ANDRES
            1. 'It's scary' Andres to Woyzeck - Scene 1
              1. 'More fool you.' Andres to Woyzeck - Scene 11
              2. MARGARET
                1. 'Hey that was a friendly eye you gave him neighour! You don't treat every man like that' Margaret to Marie - Scene 2
                  1. 'I'm an honest woman, I am' Margret to Marie - Scene 2
                  2. DRUM MAJOR
                    1. 'Wild eh? Come on then animal.' Drum Major to Marie - Scene 7
                      1. 'Jesus, you could foal a cavalry reginment out of her. And breed drum majors.' Drum Major to Sergeant
                      2. MARIE
                        1. 'You make me proud to be a woman' Marie to Drum Major - Scene 7
                          1. 'God reward you Franz' Marie to Woyzeck - Scene 4
                          2. WOYZECK
                            1. 'Just you try getting one of our sort into the world in a moral way; though we're flesh and blood as well.' Woyzeck to Captain - Scene 5
                              1. 'You go through the world like an open razor. You'll be giving someone a nasty cut one of these days.' Captain to Woyzeck - Scene 9
                                1. 'Where's the blood? What have you done with your blood Woyzeck?' Doctor to Woyzeck - Scene 24
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