Analyse the importance of the dreaming for the land Rights movement

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Analyse the importance of the dreaming for the land Rights movement
1 INTRO: holds imense significance to the indigenous people of australia becasue it allowed the reconnection with dreaming and traditional lands
2 Since the Dreaming is inextricably linked to the land, the land rights movement is essential in helping Aboriginal people re‐establish spiritual links with the land they lost
3 The land is the medium that the Dreaming is lived and communicated
4 The Dreaming is important for understanding life, land & how the world works
5 The importance of Land for the Dreaming
5.1 Spirit beings living in the landscape
5.2 Sacred sites
5.3 Rituals are conducted on the land for various purposes
5.4 Sacred objects are from the landscape
5.5 Songs, languages, stories are conducted about features of the landscape
5.6 Relationships within Aboriginal communities are determined through relationships to & with the land
6 Re-establishing of inextricable connection between the land of the peoples allows the rituals and ceremonies to be carried out, strengthening a sense of ceremonial life, and kinship and thus, restoring an element of teh dreaming
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