Technique Solo

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Technique Solo
1 Formal Structure
1.1 Rhondo (A, B, A, C, A)
2 Expressive Intention
2.1 Manipulating physical and technical skills to expressively portray the notion of withstanding the hardships life throws at us.
3 One element of movement
3.1 space has been manipulated to communicate resilience and strength. expansive and high in level and in spirit. My movement vocabulary reflects this with numerous chainès, jetès, and conspicuous tricks such as cartwheels and handstands. Juxtaposed, in the beginning of this section, my use of low levels, and floor movements highlights the distinguished transformation to show the limitless strength of fortitude
4 Rehearsal:
4.1 • Effectively employ rehearsal process. • Development of movement vocabulary • Refinement in eye focus, facial expressions • Development of spacial accuracy
5 Pre-performance skills: Used to prepare a dancers body for the execution of required technical and physical skills in performance including-
5.1 • Physical warm up- increase heart rate, range of motion (isolations), get in touch with your body, increase the rate at which the nerve impulses are transmitted. • Mental preparation • Visualization • Spacing of group formations • Physical orientation in the space
6 Performance: Used to communicate the expressive intention in performance including-
6.1 • Technical proficiency • Knowledge and clarity of body actions • Accuracy in timing, spacing and energy • Accurate execution of group formations • Eye and body focus.
7 Choreographic devices
7.1 The sweeping of the feet at the very beginning of the piece, in large expansive circular motions while my arms swing in the opposite direction. This is later abstracted as I bend my arm and rotate my elbow in a circular motion, while sweeping my feet in a more condensed and pushing my feet directly my body.
8 Body actions to demonstrate technical and physical skills?
8.1 slowly raise my right leg, while holding the bottom of my foot, to lift into a leg mount, this balance becomes an accent as the rise of the leg is sustained and drawn out, compared to the actual position and hold of the mount. The ability to control my abdominals to maintain alignment, and ensure that my left leg is straight and carefully positioned allows the movement to be executed safely and correctly
9 Manipulated Motif’s?
9.1 Sweeping of the feet to move back. 1. Normal 2. Add broken arms. 3. Straight sweeps

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