Red Flags

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Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy Vertebral Manipulation Mind Map on Red Flags, created by oz.dawjee on 07/08/2014.

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Red Flags
1 Cord
1.1 symptoms
1.1.1 gait disturbances
1.1.2 bilateral/quadrilateral/unilateral paraesthesia
1.1.3 bladder & bowel dysfunction urinary & faecal incontinence, urinary retention
1.1.4 hyperreflexia may be present
1.2 signs
1.2.1 Babinski normal-all toes plantarflex abnormal-D/F big toe P/F other toes
1.2.2 Clonus + response-intermittent contract & relax with sustained TA stretch Gastrocs tested, knee straight
2 Cauda Equina
2.1 Symptoms
2.1.1 bladder/bowel sphincter weakness urinary & faecal incontinenece, sexual dysfunction
2.2 Signs
2.2.1 Saddle anaesthesia/paraesthesia
2.2.2 Hyporeflexia
3.1 Symptoms
3.1.1 5 Ds Dizzines Diplopia-double vision Drop attacks Dysphagia-swallowing dysarthria-speech
3.1.2 3 Ns Nystagmus- rhythmical oscillations of the eyeballs Nausea Numbness- facial/ oral
3.2 Screening
3.3 Provocative testing
3.3.1 minimum test end range Cx rotation to left & right Maintain EROM position- 10 sec 10s held @ EROM left rotation- then to neutral 10s-observe then other side Hold @ EROM rotation 10s UNLESS symptoms reproduced sooner looking for 5Ds & 3Ns
4 Special Questions
4.1 general health-DEARTHCO
4.2 Cord
4.3 Cauda/ Dizziness
4.4 Medication
4.5 steroids
4.6 unexplained weight loss
4.7 tests & investigations
4.8 night pain
5 severe pain in <25/>55
6 recent trauma- possible fractures
7 Constant pain- inflammatory/ malignancy
8 Contra-indications to mobilzations
8.1 Malignancy-vertebral column
8.2 Cord/ Cauda Equina signs/symptoms
8.3 active inflammatory & infective arthritis
8.4 diseases of the spinal cord
8.5 fracture
8.6 VBI
9 Thoracic pain-visceral pathology eg. cardiac
10 hx of malignancy- possible recurrence
11 prolonged corticosteroid use- decrease bone density
12 night pain-malignancy (esp. 3 hrs into sleep), inflammatory
13 night sweats/ fever-infection, TB
14 widespread neuro symptoms-multiple level neuro involvement
15 structural deformity-fracture
16 unexplained weight loss >10 % pts body weight under 6 months
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