Tertiary Activities in the GDA

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Created by swallace1 over 6 years ago
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Tertiary Activities in the GDA
1 Transport
1.1 Transport 21
1.1.1 7 new Luas lines
1.1.2 Upgrade M50
1.1.3 Dublin Port Tunnel
1.1.4 DART lines have been extended
1.1.5 QBC's
1.2 90%of all commerial transport is by road
1.3 High levels of traffic congestion
1.4 Rapid growth and urban sprawl - large level of commuting to and from work
2 Tourism
2.1 All year round
2.2 Promotes as a city break
2.3 National Convention Centre - major source of tourism income
2.4 Surrounding counties very scenic - Glendalough
2.5 Earns €1 billion every year
2.6 5 million tourists a year
2.7 Well developed tourist services e.g. hotels
2.8 Main point of entry into Ireland - tourist numbers have risen

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