£1,000 for a car

Bob Read
Mind Map by , created almost 5 years ago

- a mind map that summarised a discussion on a Traineeship course about different ways of obtaining a loan for a car

Bob Read
Created by Bob Read almost 5 years ago
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£1,000 for a car
1 Credit card?
1.1 credit rating?
2 Parent or friend?
2.1 embarrassing to ask
2.2 awkward about paying it back
2.3 low interest rate
2.4 quick!
3 Bank loan?
3.1 high interest rates
3.2 takes time to sort it out
4 Credit union?
4.1 do I need to be a member first?
5 Credit from car dealer?
6 Pay day loan?
6.1 very high rates!

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