The Canterville GHOST

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The Canterville GHOST
1 Culture clash
1.1 Wilde compares the Behaviour of the American Otises with The british upper classes.
2 Forgiveness
2.1 Sir simon urges Virginia to pray for Him and forgiveness is granted by God and the almond tree blossoms
3 Horror story
3.1 It is a horror story with a ghost, spooky atmosphere, peals of thunder etc.
4 Literary devices used
4.1 Humor, wit and sattire.
5 Character plot
5.1 He pits one culture against another
5.2 Characters represent both england and america
6 Characters
6.1 Lord canterville
6.1.1 Belongs to a very old british family who has been the owner of Canterville chase and sold the haunted house to otis
6.2 Mr.Otis
6.2.1 American ambassador coming from a modern country and doesnt believe in ghosts
6.3 Mrs.Otis
6.3.1 Well known New York beauty, now a fine looking middle aged woman
6.4 Washington
6.4.1 Oldest son, fair haired good looking young man who was also a famous dancer
6.5 Miss Virginia
6.5.1 Lovely girl of 15 who had blue eyes, a good sportswoman and loved to ride horses
6.6 The twins
6.6.1 Happy little boys who laughed and shouted a lot , they liked playing tricks on people and were often punished for them
6.7 Sir simon
6.7.1 The Canterville ghost , killed his wife and mysteriously disappeared but his ghost still haunts the Chase
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