Jane Eyre Themes

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Jane Eyre Themes
1 The Gothic
1.1 The Red Room
1.1.1 Pgs 8-9 ‘tapenade’ – associated with death “strange little figure...coming out of lone” “tiny phantoms” – fantasy, phantom like “Mr Reed had been dead nine years...breathed his last” – ghost stories “crimson cloth”-red repetition emphasising Jane’s fear “pale throne” – death image
1.2 Thornfield Arrival
1.2.1 Pgs 84-92 There is mystery surrounding Thornfield and Rochester as the reader is ‘drip-fed’ details, leaving the scene to the reader’s imagination Thornfield itself is presented as a gothic mansion with wild roses growing up the side showing signs of neglect and reflects Rochester’s character Through the story of ‘Blue Beard’ Bronte hints at violence and imprisonment : both features of female suffering in the Gothic At the end of the chapter Jane hears a mysterious laugh: Bertha’s first appearance in the novel
1.3 Jane walking in the country lanes just before her encounter with Rochester
1.3.1 Pgs 95-96 “The ground was hard, the air was still, my road was lonely” “dimness” “low-gilding and pale beaming sun” –little light adding to the eerie atmosphere “wild roses” –overgrown and untamed “utter solitude and leafless repose” –little life, reflects her loneliness
1.4 Rochester’s first appearance
1.4.1 Pgs 100-101 So far Rochester is still unknown, and for four months there was no sign of Rochester When they first meet Rochester still doesn’t reveal his true identity His features are described as being ‘dark’ – mysterious, evil? Rochester’s dog reminds Jane of an old folk tale which represents a bad omen
2 Romance
2.1 Jane and Rochester
2.1.1 Jane takes the job of being a governess at Thornfield; which is owned by Rochester. Shortly after working there Jane falls in love with her employer; however there are many obstacles preventing them being together
2.1.2 Obstacle one: Jane is of a lower class and it would be a scandal if the two were to be married! Obstacle two: Rochester is already married to Bertha: the mad woman he keeps in the attic
2.1.3 After Mr Mason interrupts the wedding in chapter 26, Jane leaves Thornfield as she is heartbroken Jane has to learn how to love without sacrificing herself completely and her moral compass that she clings tightly to
2.1.4 Jane inherits money from her late Uncle and discovers that the Rivers are distant family members: this changes Jane’s status and she gets the family she always longed for Jane dreams of Rochester and even hears his voice on the moors She rushes back to Thornfield to find the estate burned down
2.1.5 She finds Rochester at Ferndean, as he is recovering from his injuries. Rochester is more humble as a result of his injuries They finally marry, have a child and live happily ever after at Ferndean
3 Superstiton
3.1 The story of Gytrash
3.1.1 In chapter 12, a few months into Jane’s stay at Thornfield, Jane goes on a walk in the country. Whilst watching the moon rise alone, a horse approaches. A story that Bessie once told her springs to mind. The story was of a spirit called Gytrash, who disguises itself as a mule, dog or horse to frighten travellers. Gytrash generally is a bad omen.
3.1.2 As the horse comes closer, a dog and a rider also appear from the misty weather As the horse and its rider pass Jane, the rider slips on ice and is injured Taking into account that Gytrash is a bad omen, was this all a warning that Jane should have left?
3.2 Dream of babies
3.2.1 Jane dreams on a series of consecutive nights about babies. Jane remembers what Bessie said about dreaming of babies that it was “a sure sign of trouble, either to one’s self or one’s kin” (chapter 21) Jane thinks the dream is a bad omen
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