Identity and attachment

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Degree Introduction to health and social care (Block 2) Mind Map on Identity and attachment, created by Charlie_eeyore on 05/26/2013.

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Entering the world of social care
Being Ill
exothermic and endothermic reactions
1PR101 1.test - 1. část
Nikola Truong
Life experinece as everyday talk
Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Life Story work
Social inclusion and the social model of disability
Identity and attachment
1 Bowlby
1.1 Theory of attachemnt
1.1.1 Phase 1 birth - 3 months Pays attention to people - anyone - looks, reaches, babbles
1.1.2 Phase 2 3-6 months Begins to more responsive to mother figure
1.1.3 Phase 3, 6 months - 2 years Follows mother, greets on returnm base for exploring, less firendly to others
1.1.4 Phase 4, 2 years onwards Develops insight into mothers feelings, motives and plans
1.2 Focuses on the mother attachement
1.3 Primary care giver
1.4 Secure base from which to explore
1.5 Constructing models in our minds about how the world works
1.5.1 crucial to being able to act successfully with the world
2 Can become attached to more than one figure
3 Not all babies developed attachments
4 Secure attachements lead to less crying and content to explore in presence
4.1 senstivivity to babies signals developed more mutually satsifying relationships
5 Insecurly attache infants cried more and explored little
6 attachment depends on the skill and situation of the primary carer
7 forming Attachments is the first step on learning about themselves
8 Different attachments used in different ways
9 Develops the ability to be flexible and adaptable
10 From attachements understanding of
10.1 own self
10.2 famiily member
10.3 world around them
10.4 ther rplace with the world
11 Scripts and stories
11.1 Assocation
11.2 sketch out generalised squences of actions
11.3 develop gradually
11.4 Pieces together experiences
11.5 Stable representations - core elements stay the same but another level on analysis changes with age and experinces
11.6 can be fragmented/distorted
12 Attachment to identity development
12.1 Attachment
12.1.1 Secure base Exploration Internal working model building Enter text here
13 Restricted opportunties
13.1 Family break ups
13.2 inadequate parenting
13.3 identity may seem weakly defined and inauthentic

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