Effects of Forces

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Effects of Forces
1 Mass and Weight
1.1 2 different things
1.2 Mass
1.2.1 Amount of substance in an object (kg)
1.3 Weight
1.3.1 Measurement of force on object (N)
1.4 Weight 10 times bigger
1.5 On earth 1 kg of mass is equal to 10 N
1.6 Gravitational Field strength(g)
1.7 W=mXg
2 Turning Moments and Equilibrium
2.1 Force applied on object that can turn
2.2 Distance from pivet x force
2.3 When in equilibrium moments are balanced
3 Principle of Moments
3.1 See example on next page
4 Pressure
4.1 Effect of pressure being excerted over a force
4.2 P=F A
4.3 Pressure units are N/m
4.4 For m the pressure unit is Pa
5 Pressure in Liquids
5.1 Increase the further down you go
5.2 See exmaples
6 Pressure in Gases
6.1 More gas above you higher the pressure
6.2 Less pressure higher up
6.3 More pressure lower down
6.4 See example
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