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1 A typical plant takes in carbon dixoide and water and uses these to make sugars and other complexes substances. Oxygen is released as a waste product. This reaction is endergonic and requires an external source of free energy. This energy i supplied by sunlight that falls on the plant. a green substance, chlorophyll, enables the plant to trap light energy and use it to make sugars. this is the process known as photosynthesis
2 Photosynthesis equation; 6CO2+12H2O=C6H12O6+6O2+6H2O
3 Converting glucose to other substances; the glucose formed by photosynthesis is used as a raw material for other chemical reactions. it is the main substrate used in respiration. Some of the glucose is converted to other carbohydrates; cellulose to form cell walls, sucrose to be transported to other parts of the plant, and starch for storage
4 The site of photosynthesis; although leaves are the main sites of photosynthesis in most plants, it can take place in any part that is green. These green parts have chloroplasts which contain all the biochemical machienery necessary for photosynthesis. The light-dependant stage takes place in the grana of the chloroplast, while the light-independant stage occurs in the stroma

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