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Inglés Mind Map on Phonology, created by Dánisa Garderes on 10/21/2017.

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1 Segmental Phonology
1.1 Description of Phonemes
2 Suprasegmental Phonology
2.1 Stress
2.2.1 Gives linguistic information
2.2.2 Conveys emotions and attitudes May change grammatical meaning in extreme cases Statements vs. Questions Open lists vs. Closed lists Restrictive or Non-restrictive relative clauses
2.2.3 It has a role in CONVERSATIONAL DISCOURSE Helps to tell if the information is old or new Regulation of turn-taking Establishment of dominance Elicitation of cooperative responses
2.2.4 Two meanings Variation of PITCH to convey or alter meaning Controlled by the speaker Perceptible by the listener Basic unit: TONE Pitch possibilities of the various components of the Tone unit Pre-head Head Tonic syllable / nucleus Tail BEHAVIOUR OF THE PITCH LEVEL TONE MOVING TONE Complex tones FALL - RISE RISE - FALL Simple tones FALLING TONE RISING TONE Prosody Variations of Loudness Pitch PITCH RANGE High tone Indicates strong feelings or emphasis Low tone Ordinary speech Tempo Voice quality
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