why did parliament win the first civil war?


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why did parliament win the first civil war?
  1. Economics
    1. Royalists
      1. poor scarcely populated areas led to reduced fiscal income
        1. relied upon donations
          1. had loyalty of 75% of English aristocracy
            1. Vast sums were given by - Earl of Newcastle £900000, Earl of Worcester £300,000
              1. Favoured a short term war to use their large, one time influx of wealth
            2. parliamentarians
              1. Relied heavily upon taxes
                1. Draw funds from excise duty and large easily taxed mercantile class
                  1. 15-20% tax on the income of upper and middling classes
                    1. Controlled all major ports and the hub of London from which the large majority of wealth could be taxed
                    2. Took time to collect taxes
                      1. Favoured a long term strategy, with time could capitalise
                2. Military
                  1. Royalist
                    1. Parliamentarian
                      1. New model army
                        1. Military revolution in Which parliament finally concentrated its considerable resources into a single mobile fighting force
                          1. Regular pay of 8p per day
                            1. Reduced amount of mutinees
                              1. Exchange for ban on looting occupied towns and baggage trains
                                1. Parliament maintained local support, causing neutralism favouring parliament
                                  1. Royalist's lost considerable support from lootiing
                            2. Leaderships
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