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1 CALLA-Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach
1.1 Components
1.1.1 Content-based Curriculum Content rather than language drives the curriculum. Content selected should align with national or state standards Knowledge Base Procedures Motivation Learning Strategies
1.1.2 Academic Language and Literacy Development Focus is on literacy 4 Language Skills Listening Speaking Reading Writing Academic Language Language resister that is used by teachers and students for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge and skills
1.1.3 Learning Strategies Instruction Lessons are designed to follow a comprehensive instructional sequence Combines learning strategies with instruction
1.2 Based on a cognitive-social model of learning
1.2.1 Sociocultural Theories Language developes socially first then becomes internalized
1.2.2 Cognitive Learning Theory Learners select information from their environment, organize it and relate it to prior knowledge
1.3 Belief that human beings learn through interaction with others
1.3.1 Declarative and procedural knowledge interact with both present in all academic tasks
2 Instructional Model
2.1 Focus is on the demands of content subjects and seeks to intergrate literacy and content instruction
3 Language Experience Approach
3.1 Prior experience is used to bridge new ideas and concepts
4 Balanced Reading Approach
4.1 Combines phonics instruction with reading authentic texts that include both stories and informational writing.
5 Inquiry Approach
5.1 Lessons are planned with activities that move students through an inquiry cycle to help them learn from experience
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