My SMART Goal for Fall 2014

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These are my own personal SMART goals for the upcoming school semester. It's my final year of University and I'm determined to have a final grade of 80% or higher. I based my personal goals off of this SMART goals template: Make your own!

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My SMART Goal for Fall 2014
1.1 Who?
1.1.1 Me
1.1.2 Professors
1.1.3 Teacher assistants
1.2 What?
1.2.1 80% in all of my classes
1.3 Where?
1.3.1 University of Guelph
1.4 When?
1.4.1 December 2014
1.5 Why?
1.5.1 Improve overall GPA
1.5.2 Final year
1.5.3 Dean's List
2 "To have a final grade of 80% or higher in all of my classes by the end of the fall semester."
3.1 Weight of each final exam for each class
3.2 80%+ on all assignments/reports/projects
3.3 Finish all reports/projects etc. a week before deadline
3.4 Thoroughly look at grading rubrics
4.1 Don't give up
4.2 I am smart
4.3 Staying organized is key
4.4 Communicate with professors
4.5 Final year, I have the skill set
4.6 YES!
5.1 Highly motivated
5.2 Very important to me
5.3 Want to feel accomplished when I graduate
5.4 I understand the system
5.5 Taken these types of classes before
5.6 YES!
6.1 From September to December 2014
6.2 Projects along the way that make up final grade
6.3 Tangible
6.3.1 YES!
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