Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre
1 Gateshed
1.1 Characters
1.1.1 Mrs. Sarah Reed & Mr. Reed Eliza, Georgina, and John
1.1.2 Mr. & Mrs. Eyre Jane
1.1.3 Miss Abbot & Bessie Lee
1.1.4 Mr. Brocklehurst
1.2 Background
1.2.1 Jane's Parents died of typhus just after Jane was born. Jane's Uncle, Mr. Reed, took her in Mrs. Reed & children were not happy Mr. Reed died of a feavor; made Mrs. Reed promise to take care of Jane Mrs. Reed takes her in, but does not treat her as family
1.3 Events
1.3.1 10 years old Jane and John get into a fight John bullies Jane Jane gets punished ans sent to the red room Room where her Uncle died Jane gets ill and doctor suggests she be sent to a school She needs to get away from that house Mr. Brocklehurst says she should go to Lowood He is the principal, Jane's Aunt's rumors have already made him not like Jane
2 Lowood
2.1 Background
2.1.1 Lowood is a poor school for orphaned girls
2.2 Events
2.2.1 10 years old Goes to Lowood; intoduced to Mrs. Temple upon arrivle Four days after meeting Mr. Brocklehurst Meet classmates; Duties are done from before dusk until dinner morning church, schooling, etc. Meets Helen during free time in courtyard; become friends Lowood is harsh some teachers are cruel, water is sometimes frozen, food is sometimes inedible, etc. Mr. Brocklehurst visits and embarrasses Jane in front of everyone she feels terrible, so Helen and Mrs. Temple fix it
2.2.2 18 years old New founders sense typhus break out Became teacher at 16; at 18 decides to leave for better things Takes governess job at Thornfield
2.2.3 Spring Typhus spreads; not to Jane makes friends with Mary; Helen is sick Helen sick with consumption Also known as Tuberculosis Jane comes to comfort Helen; she's not afraid to die Helen and Jane sleep together; Helen dies in Jane's arms
2.3 Characters
2.3.1 Jane eyre Helen Burns Mary Ann Wilson
2.3.2 Mrs. Temple nice superintendant
2.3.3 Mr. Brocklehurst Principal
2.3.4 Mrs. Scatchard mean teacher
3 Thornfield
3.1 Background
3.1.1 The town belonged to Mr. Rochester's older brother, but was given to him three years ago when his brother died
3.2 Events
3.2.1 Governess to Adele; young girl of 8 years old Mr. Rochester had an affair with Adele's mother. He took her in after her mother abandoned her. She is of French origin. Mr. R says he doesn't believe he is Adele's father Meets Mrs. Fairfax upon arrival; night time; assumes she is the owner of Thornfield, but she is the head maid Grace Pool laughs scareily Few months after arrival, meets Mr. Rochester; doesn't know it's him He rides on a horse with a dog in front; horse slips on ice, both fall; he blames Jane; she helps him up and introduces herself Mr. Rochester wants to speak with Adele and Jane the next day; he likes Jane's drawings Different day; Mr. R asks Jane if he is handsome, she answers "no"; she concludes that he's drunk from his reaction; he says theat they will have talks Jane saves Mr. R from a fire that Grace Pool starts; he thanks her, conferts her, and asks her no to tell anyone of the events of the night Jane gets feelings for Mr. R when he says he's going to date Blanche Mr. R brings Blanch, her family, and guests to spend time at Thornfield. They make fun of Jane, she has to leave the party early on the first night, and Mr. R almost let's his feelings for Jane slip. Jane thinks Mr. R and Blanch don't love each other; Blanch wants money, and Mr. R wants a pretty face (she thinks) Mr. Mason arrives Mr. R dresses as a Gypsy and tells fortunes; he tells Blanch that he's not as rich as he seams and Jane that happiness is in her future; she figures out he's the gypsy and is mad Mr. R asks Jane for help when Mr. Mason is stabbed by Grace Pool R asks Jane to reassure him that marrying Blanche would bring him salvation; he 'tells' Jane that he is still married, and asks if it's okay to get married to two people at the same time cuz he can't be happy with the other woman. John Reed committed suicide, and Mrs. Reed is near death; stroke Mrs. Reed won't make amends; the sisters don't get along; Jane's Uncle (John Eyre) wanted to adopt her three years ago, but Mrs. Reed kept the letter from her; Mrs. Reed dies Georgina goes to London with her Uncle and gets married; Eliza becomes Mother Superior at her covenant; Jane goes back to find that Mr. R is officially getting married Jane finally tells Mr. R that she loves him; Mr. R proposes; he only said he's marry Blanche to make Jane jelious Mrs. Fairfaux treats Jane coldly; Mr. R tries to make Jane into a 'Cinderella' Jane has nightmares; grace pool tears her veil Jane is stressed about the wedding and thinks the only way she will feel better is if she had her own fortune; somthting to bring to the table two strangers (Mr. Mason and Mr. Briggs) crash the wedding; (B) one says R is already married to Mr. Masons sister; he says he is and that he knows he'd be taking on two wives; he takes everyone to the house to show them Bertha; she is cared for by Grace Pool Jane forgives R, but doesn't say so; he tells of how he was tricked into falling in love with Bertha, and how he loved Jane from the start; Jane leaves Thornfield
3.3 Characters
3.3.1 Jane Eyre Governess
3.3.2 Adele Varens Mrs. Fairafx
3.3.3 Mr. Rochester Grace Pool Blanche Ingram
4 Ferndean
4.1 Events
4.1.1 Jane goes back to Thornfield to find it in ruins; Mr. saved everyone except for Bertha who caused it and killed herself; he lost a hand and went blind Mr. R, and two servants (John and Mary) go to Thornfield Jane goes to Ferndean and knocks on the door; Mary answers; Jane surprises R by bringing in a tray b/c he can't see her; he thinks her a ghost Jane says she'll never leave him again they walk through the woods the next day, and he again proposes; Jane says yes After two years of marriage, Rochester can see; he is able to witness his son's birth Adele is unhappy at her school; so Jane transfers her to a better one; Adele grows into a nice young lady
5 Moor House
5.1 Characters
5.2 Background
5.3 Events
5.3.1 Jane quickly runs out of money and food; she begs; only gets one piece of bred from a faremer Jane collapses at the door of St. John, Mary, and Diana; the girls don't let her in, but St. John (Sinjin) does; they give her food; she says her name is Jane Elliot Hannah is a servant; last names Rivers St. John get's Jane running a school in Morton; he is distant while his sister are close; Jane learns that her uncle led the River's into close poverty Jane finds her work degrading, but likes the kids; she thinks St. John and Rosamond (her boss) are in love John says that he can't lover her;it would interfere with his holy duties; he tears something off her notbook He tore off her signature to see if she was the same Jane Eyre Mr. Briggs was looking for; she is; her Uncle left her 20,000 pounds She splits the money between her new found cousins; 5,000 each During the chrsitmas holiday, John asks Jane to marry him and be a missionary with him in India; she says yes to being a missionary, but no to the marriage becasue thye are not in love. Diana tells Jane not to do it; she almost falls for it, but hears Mr. R from a great distance believing something has happened to him
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