Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson
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Emily Dickinson
1 1830 - wealthy family - young sister older brother
2 excellent education - love was learning - at 15 confirmed in a life of study
3 change in relations with her brother and father caused conflict - brother spoke of female propriety and father did not hold poetry in same esteem
4 many intense relationships - susan gilbert - who went on to marry her brother albert - devastating for emily dickinson
5 elected a life of solitude
6 tried to publish works under writer thomas higginson - told her to regularise her poems - refused therefore unpublished
7 finally a poem 67 was published through helen hunt jacksons agency
8 courted and fell in love with judge otis lord. only lasted a few years.
9 last decade filled with her loved ones dying - died herself of brights disease in 1886

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