Henry Simmons
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Physics Mind Map on Electromagnets, created by Henry Simmons on 05/28/2013.

Henry Simmons
Created by Henry Simmons over 6 years ago
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1 field Lines
1.1 all start from a magnet
1.1.1 go further and further out with every line forms a circular pattern weaker and weaker as it goes away from the magnet
2 improvments
2.1 Iron Core
2.1.1 makes the magnet stronger
2.2 More turns on the coil
2.2.1 Copper wire
3 current goes from N-S
4 Magnetic metals
4.1 Iron (Fe)
4.1.1 Pure so that means it is better (stronger)
4.2 Steel
5 Used in...
5.1 Speakers
5.2 Used in hospitals to remove bits of iron and steel from the eye

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