Mount Etna 2002

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Mount Etna 2002
1 Monitoring
1.1 data continuously recorded by perminant monitoring stations
1.2 geochemical monitoring prorams test gas (SO2) emissions at summit craters + flanks on site
1.3 INGV has monitored the volcano for 20 years
1.3.1 network of monitoring systems connected in real time to the monitoring centre,
2 Background
2.1 fertile volcanic soils support agriculture e.g. vineyards and orchards
2.2 fissures open up releasing lava from a variety of locations
2.3 composite stratovolcano - erupts basaltic lava of low viscosity which is able to travel great distances
2.4 subduction of the African plate beneath the Eurasian plate
2.5 25% of sicily's population lives on its slopes
2.6 well monitored due to the history of eruptions and population density
2.7 is a decade volcano
3 potential hazards
3.1 seismic activity
3.1.1 connected with the volcanic activity can cause damage to infrastructure
3.2 gas plume emissions, volcanic dust and ash
3.2.1 causes problem for settlements and road and air traffic
3.3 lahars - mudflows and possible avalanches
3.4 explosions of stem water ash blocks and lava bombs
4 responces/managment
4.1 army sent out with buldozers to crack tarmac to build barriers for the creation of channels to divert the lava flow
4.2 have a long history of eruptions so they have experience
4.3 ship with medical supplies was ready near Catania
4.4 tax brakes for people affected by the eruption -£5.6 million
5 impacts
5.1 airport in Catania was closed for 4 days to clear runways
5.2 Tourism was effected
5.3 77 confirmed deaths
5.4 1000 people were evacuated
5.5 skiing areas were destroyed by lava flows
5.6 buildings which attract tourists were damaged
5.7 300 family buisnesses were damaged
5.8 hundreads of ha of forest on the slopes of mt etna was destroyed
5.8.1 agriculture
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