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Wonder by R. J. Palacio
1 Techniques
1.1 the book is written in different peoples perspectives explaining their relationship with August and their views
1.1.1 This is effective because it gives the reader a better understanding of the characters and the story
1.2 1st persons perspective
1.3 In each part of the different perspectives, there are little chapters/stories in their point of view. The stories are brief but i think they really help make the story
2 Personal response
2.1 I really liked reading Wonder because it is a heart warming story about a boy who is different and he tries to fit in. It is quite sad because he is bullied because of his face. It gives a strong message that you shouldnt judge a book by it cover. I would recommend this book for children aged 11 and over
2.2 I love how the author has written the book in different peoples perspective because it gives us a further understanding of all the characters
2.3 It is an inspirational book to anyone that reads it
2.4 I think my favourite character is Summer because she is nice and honest and very brave. She is a very good friend to August.
2.5 Sometimes in the book it was a bit hard to imagine what the characters look like because the author didn't describe them a lot
3 Characters
3.1 Olivia Pullman
3.1.1 a very good big sister
3.1.2 confident
3.1.3 defends her brother
3.1.4 has learnt to manage on her own because she knows that her brother needs the attention
3.1.5 quote:"If i wanted mum or dad to watch me play soccer, i knew that 9 times out of 10 they'd miss it because they were busy with August"
3.1.6 She feels more comfortable at school because gets angry when people stare at August and she can relax at school
3.1.7 Is not paid as much attention as August is
3.2 August Pullman
3.2.1 definitely lacking in self confidence
3.2.2 shy
3.2.3 has been through 27 surgeries to reconstruct his face
3.2.4 finds it hard to fit in and make friends
3.2.5 Quote: "The photographer looked like he'd just sucked on a lemon when he saw me. I'm sure he thought i ruined the picture. I didnt smile, not that anyone could tell"
3.2.6 he is ordinary on the inside but nobody can tell that because he is different on the outside
3.3 Isabel and Nate Pullman
3.3.1 The mother and father of August & Olivia
3.3.2 Genuine and caring
3.3.3 protects August a lot
3.3.4 brave
3.3.5 quote: "Once I got up in the middle of the night and i saw Mum standing outside Auggies room. Her hand was on the doorknob, her forehead leaning on the door, which was ajar" they seem a bit afraid
3.3.6 willing to do anything to make August happy
3.4 Summer Dawson
3.4.1 very brave
3.4.2 one of Augusts only good friends
3.4.3 only one to sit next to him at lunch
3.4.4 Quote: "You're a saint Summer, I couldn't do what you're doing. It's not a big deal", Summer answered truthfully. Did Mr Tushman ask you to be friends with him?
4 Main Ideas
4.1 August goes to school for the first time since he has been home schooled by his mother
4.1.1 he is about to start year 5 with a facial disorder
4.1.2 Struggles to settle in but makes a few friends
4.1.3 he gets bullied because he is different and even his own friend betrays him
4.2 Halloween is Augusts favourite day because he can wear a mask and be someone normal for a change
4.2.1 It is the one day of the year where he can escape his reality of a facial disorder
4.3 At a Halloween party, he overhears that his 'best friend' Jack was asked by the teacher to sit next to him in every class because he thinks Jack is his only friend
5 it is writen in different perspectives so the reader can chose which the characters they like
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