P1.3 The Usefulness Of Electronic Appliances

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P1.3 The Usefulness Of Electronic Appliances
1 P1.3.1 Transferring Electrical Energy
1.1 We often use electrical appliances because they transfer energy at the flick of a switch. We can calculate how much energy is transferred by an appliance and how much the appliance costs to run.
1.1.1 The amount of electrical energy transferred to an appliance depends on its power and the length of time it is switched on. The amount of mains electrical energy transferred is measured in kilowatt-hours, kWh. One unit is 1 kWh. E = P × t where E is the energy transferred in kilowatt-hours, kWh, P is the power in kilowatts, kW and T is the time in hours, h. You can also use the equation E = P × t when E is the energy transferred in joules, J, P is the power in watts, W and T is the time in seconds, s. Electricity meters measure the number of units of electricity used in a home. The more units used, the greater the cost. The cost of the electricity used is calculated using this equation: total cost = number of units × cost per unit.
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