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1 Exquisite: Very beatiful
2 Blend: A mixture things
3 Receive recognition: Be acknowledged andappreciated
4 Academy : A higher education institution
5 Film Roll: Spool-wound phottographic
6 Represent: To act for sb
7 Individual: person
8 Institution: a custom or system that is important in society, especially because it has existed for a long time.
9 Movement: a group of people who share the same beliefs, ideas or aims.
10 Spectacular: impressive
11 Wire: a metallic or plastic strand made in many lengths.
12 Promote: to advertise sth in rder to seelit
13 Scholarship: an award of money given to a very good student for further study
14 spirit: aghost or a supernatural being
15 Bead: a small, colored, often round piece of plastic, wood, glass, etc.
16 Props: respect for someone.
17 conceivable: possible
18 Drama: a institution which is exciting or distressing
19 Exhibit: to show or to display
20 Evolution:a processwhereby the characteristics of plants and animal species gradually charge over a long period of time
21 :Garment item of clothing
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