Block 5. Making Care Safer?

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Block 5. Making Care Safer?
1 Unit 17
1.1 Receiving intimate care
1.1.1 Elspeth
1.2 Offering Intimate care
1.2.1 Millstrem court- Marie, Richard and Fakhra. Lawler: ' Body Care and learning to do for others'
1.3 Challenging Behaviour
1.3.1 Rosalie. Interview with Chad Botley and Anthea Sperlinger
1.4 Unnaceptable practice in workplaces
1.4.1 Alan (Victor) at Cedar Court, Lauren and Tara. Lee Treweek: Bedroom abuse.
2 Unit 18
2.1 Why do we need records
2.1.1 Problems of record keeping. Why record keeping is necessary.
2.2 Experience of records
2.2.1 Christine, Amy, Brian and Zac. 'Half my records weren't about me'. Dan Morgan and his mother. The role of records. Partiality of records. Mistakes in records. Getting hold of your own record.. Making your own record.
2.3 Electronic Records
2.3.1 Renal patient view. Pyper et al. Patients' experiences Differences between electronic and paper-based records. Intergrated electronic records- pros and cons.
2.4 Sharing information from personal records.
2.4.1 ' Losing my voice'. Christine, Amy, Brian and Zac What is confidential personal information? Sensitive personal information. Consent- explicit and implied. Carers, relatives, partners and friends. Passing on confidential info without consent
3 Unit 19
3.1 Being accountable.
3.1.1 Millstream court- Marie, Richard and Fakhra. Isabel from womens aid. Who is accountable? What's it like to be accountable? Being formally accountable. Creating real accountability.
3.2 Working with protocols and guidelines.
3.2.1 Marilyn Francis, Health Visitor. Lawton and Parker: procedures and the professional. What are prtocols and guidelines? Where do they come from? Working with protocols and guidelines. Problems with using protocols & guidelines.
3.3 Evidence based care
3.3.1 Christine, Madison and Ashleigh. Benefits of evidence based care. Problems with evidence- based care. Knowledge based care.
3.4 Using the internet
3.4.1 Ziebland et al.: How the internet affects. How the internet can improve care. The effects of finding information on the internet. Who uses the internet like this?
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