No more diets

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dana othman
Created by dana othman almost 2 years ago
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No more diets
1 types of obesity
1.1 BMI
1.2 fat distribution
1.2.1 central
1.2.2 peripheral
1.2.3 homogenous
1.3 can be as a result of
1.3.1 ageing
1.3.2 Cushing Anatomy of adrenal gland suprarenal T11 relations blood supply histology causes of increased corticosteroids Cushing disease from the pituitary Cushing syndrome central obesity plethority moon face acne buffalo neck mood change depression differentials drugs cyclosporine levodopa ritalin acccutane alcohol barbituarates beta blockers opiods irritabiliy skin and muscle atrophy bruises purple abdominal striae proximal weakness osteoporosis HTN Treatment hormone replacement contrainfications to glucocrticoud use TB fungi osteoporosis psychosis surgery diabetes surgery transphenoidal surgery indications for glucocorticoid usage autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis asthma prednisone deficiency congenital adrenal hyperplasia stress eg surgery premature baby- surfactant betamethasone skin diseases eczema psoriasis fungal cancers leukemia, lymphoma and prostate ICP dexamethasone iatrogenic ectopic disease vs syndrome Diagnosis measure cortisol overnight dexamethasone suppresion Cortisol-Creatinine ratio MRI ACTH stimulation
2 effects of hormone on blood pressure
3 causes of weight gain
3.1 drugs
3.1.1 antipsychotics
3.1.2 contraceptives
3.2 depression
3.3 endocrine
3.3.1 hypothyroidism
3.4 heart disease
3.5 genetic