Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Olivia Weatherhead
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Olivia Weatherhead
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GCSE Physics (Magnetism and Electromagnetism) Mind Map on Magnetism and Electromagnetism, created by Olivia Weatherhead on 05/30/2013.

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Magnetism and Electromagnetism
1 Magnets & Magnetic Materials
1.1 Permanent Magnets
1.1.1 Steel
1.1.2 Hard Magnetic Materials
1.1.3 Stay Magnitised
1.2 Like Poles Repel
1.3 Unlike Poles Attract
1.4 Iron
1.4.1 Soft Magnetised and Demagnitised Easily Changes
1.4.2 Attract & pick up other Magnetic Substances
2 Electromagnets
2.1 Stronger Field
2.1.1 Increasing Turns
2.1.2 Increasing Current
2.1.3 Wrap around Soft Iron Core
2.2 Electric Bell
2.2.1 Pulls arm to hit bell
2.3 Relay Switch
2.3.1 Safety
2.3.2 Voltage too high
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