Samuel Selvon - Finding Piccadilly Circus.


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Samuel Selvon - Finding Piccadilly Circus.
  1. 'Breeze does be cold.' - broken English.
    1. 'Government does give yuh money.' - naive and ignorant, he's from a minimalistic country, as if he has arrive in a new universe.
      1. Addressing a group of other black people through use of informal, colloquial, native language.
        1. Free money, free doctors = paradise.
      2. 'Steps moving.' - futuristic land.
        1. 'Piccadilly Circus... circus with lion and t'ing.' - taken as literal meaning, comes across uneducated.
          1. 'Can't even spell 'lion' 'yuh mean to say they can't walk up a few steps.' - takes the English for stupid and lazy.
            1. Effect of using non-standard English, mockery and isolation - cannot communicate effectively.
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