World War II

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World War II
1 Treaty of Versailles
1.1 The Treaty of Versailles was signed on the 28th of June 1919, near Paris.
1.2.1 Armistice: An agreement to stop fighting
1.2.2 National Self-Determination: The belief that national groups in Europe should be given their independence and have their own country
1.2.3 Diktat: A german word meaning dictated or imposed
1.2.4 Demilitarised zone: An area where it is forbidden to place military forces
1.3 Major provisions
1.3.1 MILITARY: * Germany's army had to be reduced to 100,000 men * Germany's navy had to be reduced to only a few ships on costal patrols * Germany could not develop a airforce
1.3.2 COLONIAL: Germany lost all colonies
1.3.3 Reparations: Germany had to pay for WWI
1.3.4 WAR GUILT: Germany had to take full responsibility for causing the war.
1.3.5 TERRITORIAL: * Germany had to return the territories they took from France * Germans coal producing area was put under international control and the coal was going to France * Posen was given to poland * The rhineland was to be a demilitrised zone
1.4 Consequences

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